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Inspiring Great Spaces®


From one end of the building to the other, WAVE offers integrated ceiling systems designed for ease of specification and build. In addition, these products provide enhanced safety, performance and aesthetics – from integration of lighting, shade pockets, and air diffusers to elevation changes and acoustical options.

  • Minimize construction schedule
  • Eliminate guesswork
  • Reduce construction coordination
  • Maintain design intent
  • Consistent fit and finish

Window and Shade Pockets: Axiom® Building Perimeter Shade Pockets

Transitions: Transition Molding and Axiom® Transitions

Soffits: QuickStix™ Drywall Framing for Soffits

Light Coves and Pockets: Axiom® Direct and Indirect Light Coves

Flat and Curved Drywall: Drywall Grid System

Interior Glass Partitions: Axiom® Glazing Channel

Corridors: SingleSpan™ for ACT and ShortSpan® for Drywall

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Improved suspension systems that perform better, carry increased load, and reduced installation hassles are the result of innovative features like PeakForm® profile and SuperLock™ main beam clip.

PeakForm® main beams and cross tees are manufactured with a bulb shape and taller profile to create a stronger, more stable suspension system. Main beams have an improved load-carrying capacity that exceeds ASTM standards for intermediate and heavy-duty load performance. The PeakForm® profile also meets the requirements for installation in seismic categories.

Main beams feature SuperLock™ - a staked-on clip for a tighter, more secure bulb-to-bulb connection. Main beams with SuperLock™ can be disconnected and reconnected laterally in low-clearance areas, or in the middle of a room.

  • Extensive visual options
  • Elevated performance criteria
  • Special applications

Exposed Tee Suspension Systems: PRELUDE® XL and SUPRAFINE® XL

DesignFlex™ Exposed Tee Suspension Systems: PRELUDE® XM and SUPRAFINE® XM

Painted Suspension Systems: 360° Painted Grid System

Clean Room Suspension System: Clean Room™

Data Center Suspension System: Prelude® XL Max

Corridor Suspension System: SingleSpan™

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Extruded aluminum perimeter trim for use as exposed custom decorative trim with suspended panels or drywall.

Axiom® Classic

Axiom® Knife Edge

Axiom® Vector

Axiom® Soft Edge

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Pre-engineered drywall ceiling suspension system that is three times faster to install than traditional track and channel framing. Drywall grid systems offer numerous cost and performance benefits compared to traditional framing and installation methods. The systems are suspended from above using hanger wires, thereby eliminating the cost of material and labor to frame down with stud and track.

Drywall Grid Systems for Flat and Curved Ceilings

QuickStix™ Drywall Grid System for Soffits

ShortSpan® Drywall Framing System

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