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WAVE Metal Products

WMP is a manufacturer and distributor of galvanized steel products for the residential and commercial construction and HVAC industries.

Our strict attention to detail and unwavering commitment to customer service have enabled us to achieve a perfect order performance score of 100% over the past 15 years. Project managers at WMP, who function as an extension of your business, not only trace shipments from the moment they leave your facility but also forecast your materials requirements up to 6 weeks in advance. Partner with WMP for consistent quality, on time delivery and improved supply chain efficiency.


WMP’s value added services - metal slitting, metal shearing and press braking - are rendered by a team of expert machine operators with a proven track record in toll processing for a diverse range of industrial applications.


WMP buys mill-direct to secure the highest quality steel products and most competitive pricing for our customers.


WMP is a premium supplier of galvanized and galvannealed steel. Hot-dip galvanizing produces a zinc coating that protects your steel against moisture and corrosion while providing a decorative spangle. Durable, flexible and recyclable, galvanized steel increases the sustainability of steel products and reduces maintenance costs. Galvanneal, which has a matte uniform grey color and can be easily painted, produces a harder, more brittle carbon steel coating.

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WMP is a premium supplier of galvalume, which is proven to be a better alternative to aluminum-coated sheet metal. Composed of 55% aluminum and 45% zinc, galvalume produces a longer lasting coating which delivers unsurpassed protection from cut edges and metal corrosion.

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WMP is a premium supplier of cold rolled steel, which increases the strength-to-weight ratio of hot rolled steel sheets allowing them to hold tighter tolerances during fabrication. Cold rolled steel is corrosion-resistant and provides a perfectly smooth base for the application of paint or enamel on finished products.

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WMP is a premier supplier of sheet metal accessories and HVAC duct strap, which is used to secure or support duct work for HVAC installation. Our machine operators specialize in fabricating custom duct straps and sheet metal accessories to customer specifications using galvanized steel.

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Angles and channels are common but critical structural elements in the HVAC and construction industries. WMP is equipped to handle all your custom fabrication requirements for both angles and channels, which are always cut exactly to your specifications with consistently high quality.

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Choose WMP for consistent quality, on-time deliveries and improved supply chain efficiency.

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